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Help The CTBF to be there with a gift in your Will
One of the ways in which people are increasingly supporting the work of The CTBF is by a gift in their will. This is a vital form of support, which in recent years has enabled the charity to be there for thousands of industry colleagues when they needed help most.

Although technology has dramatically changed the landscape of the UK Film, Cinema and Television industries since The CTBF was established 90 years ago, the work of the charity remains vital and constant in providing care, advice and financial support to industry employees, and their families, in times of great need.

If anything, today’s industry is even more precarious than before, with many colleagues depending on short-term contracts or freelancing. It only takes a sudden illness or the loss of a contract to plunge a colleague or a family into crisis.

People like Chris, a successful Director of Photography, whose world was thrown upside down when he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and had to stop work to undergo drastic treatment. It came as a shock, as he had just got engaged, bought a house and had made so many plans. His fiancée Camilla, who was also in the industry, had to stop work too to care for him. This plunged them into financial difficulties, until The CTBF stepped in with a monthly allowance. Chris has now made a full recovery.

Or Shirley, whose mental health was affected by family problems and by a violent partner. She lost her job, had to flee her home and ended up homeless. She was eventually offered social housing, but had no money to decorate or furnish it until The CTBF stepped in with a grant. “I see having my own flat as the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel. I am so grateful for the help and support from The CTBF as this has now turned my flat into a home.”

Or Steve, whose 18 month old daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer, which then spread. Due to the demands of the illness, Steve had to give up work to support his wife through this difficult time. The family was in dire need of financial help, so Steve contacted The CTBF’s welfare department, which provided support towards their mortgage and utility bills, which proved a lifeline at a very difficult time.

We need to look after our own. So if, like me, you are glad to have a career in this wonderful industry, please help The CTBF to be there for them with a gift in your will.

Thank you so much for your support!

What difference can a gift in your will make?

Many of The CTBF’s generous supporters remember its work when making or updating their will, either as a share of their estate or a specific amount. A gift in your will to The CTBF can:

  • Help a colleague through a time of crisis
  • Take away financial worries for someone struck down by illness
  • Provide a vital hand-up to some of our aspiring industry talent
  • Support a family caring for a sick child
  • Help a retired industry veteran struggling to make ends meet
Further Information

If you would like further information on leaving a gift to the CTBF in your will, please contact Paul Pirie in confidence on 020 7437 6567 or email

Suggested wording you can use in your will (PDF)

Our handy estate calculator (PDF)

Our gifts in will leaflet (PDF)

We would like to thank all our generous supporters who have recently remembered our work in their will.

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Thank you for remembering our work with a gift in your will