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CTBF runs two programmes that specifically support families and children. The Family Support Fund with Raising Films, and the CTBF Childrens Fund.

Balancing work and family life can be challenging, especially if you have people depending on you for their care and wellbeing. Working in the turbulent world of film and commercial TV can make it even harder to fund alternative arrangements to ensure the people you care for are looked after when you are away from home, whether for a meeting or a location shoot.

In a new partnership, Raising Films and CTBF have joined forces to support professionals working behind the scenes in Film, TV and cinema exhibition. We have launched a 12-month pilot scheme – the Family Support Fund – with the aim of providing a helping hand to those who are juggling a professional career with their caring responsibilities on a limited budget. The Fund aims to provide short-term support to individuals or families to bridge a period of reduced income, rather than to provide financial support for a long period of time.

The CTBF is able to support Raising Films’ registered members by contributing up to £75 a day to help cover the cost of alternative care arrangements (max claimant amount £1,500 per beneficiary/per annum). Multiple applications can be submitted throughout the year and quotes can vary from one day to multiple days.

Applications can be submitted up to 30 days past the date care was required, from 1 January 2017; however CTBF prefers to receive applications in advance. Payments will be made directly to the care providing organisation / business, and only in exceptional circumstances can a payment be made to the applicant (to re-imburse them for prior outlay).

Rosie Toner is an Artist & Filmmaker who has screened her work at venues including the ICA, Tate Liverpool and Camden Arts Centre as well as the international festival circuit. Rosie is currently in development with her first feature film The Saviours funded by Film Agency Wales. Rosie talks about how the Family Support Fund helped bridge their childcare needs on the Raising Films website
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​The CTBF has a Children’s Fund to look after the needs of the children affected by extreme hardship.

In many of our cases the parents are unable to work due to ill health or in order to look after a child with extreme illness. In some cases a bereavement in the family leaves the family struggling to make ends meet.

The Children’s Fund aims to alleviate some of the financial and emotional strain by paying for essential household bills or children’s school uniforms or after school activities. Sometimes we’re even able to treat the family to a much needed holiday. For more information email
Meet some of the of the families and children that the Children’s Fund has supported:
Eva was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer. More than 400 procedures later her mum, Rebecca, tells their story.

"On the 10th November 2013 we took our precious daughter Eva, then 18 months old, to the emergency doctor. She had shown worrying signs she wasn't well.

The doctors at the hospital seemed quite concerned, but we didn't really know why. However, after further tests and scans the doctors confirmed that Eva had something called a Wilms' Tumour, a rare children's kidney cancer. At this point Eva’s life changed forever…

We were quickly referred to hospital and Eva remains under their excellent care. She has endured scans, stem cell harvesting, high-dose chemo and a stem cell transplant. Over a year on and Eva has had over 400 different procedures."

'Eva the Brave'
During this time Eva's mum has been unable to work and is a full time carer to Eva. There have also been periods of time when both parents have been unable to work which has placed a huge financial strain on the family. Months spent in hospital and having to arrange childcare for siblings and transport to hospital can be very costly.

"We have been very fortunate that The CTBF have helped us so much with a monthly grant and help with other costs such as school uniform for Eva's brother Jackson.

We are so very grateful for all they have done to help us during this very difficult time.", Eva's Mum, Rebecca

Joe is a freelance Camera Operator with 3 young children. When Joe was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour, intensive chemotherapy treatment meant he couldn’t work and support his family.

In a recent medical review Joe was given the all clear, and has since returned to work. The CTBF welfare team felt the children needed a treat and some quality time with their mum and dad and sent the family to Center Parcs (see pics).

“Being a strong and healthy person I was not prepared for the effects of the intensive treatment I underwent and the lengthy recovery period.

The CTBF was able to step in and provide grants to help meet my family’s needs through a very difficult period.”, Joe May